Science and Humanities

The department of Basic Science & Humanities at KIT is well staffed and well equipped to meet the academic requirement to the best possible extent. Well designed Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab and Language Lab comprise the infrastructural aspect of the department. The department is committed to impart the fundamental aspects of science and its applications in engineering. The department also provides communication skill enhancement, analyze and apply of mathematical and scientific technique in engineering and technology. The department is well known for its consistent performance in terms of academic results.


To prepare professional leaders to face the emerging global challenges that contributes significantly to the society in all aspects.


  • To excel the students’ knowledge, ability and skills by the basic concepts of science and humanities to enhance innovative ideas to create novel things.
  • To foster interpersonal effective communication and soft skills to become a socially committed professional and entrepreneur.
  • To provide knowledge to make eco-friendly environment for sustainable development.

Department Contact No : 8838253522

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